Building A “Red Engine” for Party Building
Releasing “Strong Magnetic Field Energy” for Empowerment

To thoroughly implement the “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era” and effectively guide high-quality development high-quality Party building, the Party Committee of Jiangxi Jemincare Group Co., Ltd. has conscientiously strengthened the ideological and political construction of the Party in daily operations, and constantly improved its creativity, cohesion, and combat effectiveness. By enhancing the sense of responsibility with the mission of the times and inspiring enthusiasms with stories of hard work, the group encourages all of its Party members to “lead by example and strive for excellence”, find the fundamental path of reform and development for the group, contribute to the building of Jemincare, and meet the demands of the new development pattern of “Seven Strategic Requirements”. Through pooling the ideas, wisdom, and efforts of all members, the group will be able to gather its strength, and step on a new journey.

  • Truth

    To Lay The Foundation

    Objective and rational
    sincere and trustworthy
    Work with carefulness 
    and take responsibilities

  • Transfor

    To Follow The Trend

    Embrace change and 
    progress with the times
    Innovate and explore break 
    through the stereotypes

  • Integra

    To Gather Energy

    Respecting differences and 
    establishing the big picture
    Embrace openness, tolerance 
    and win-win cooperation

  • Striving

    To Grow Business

    Plan for the long-term and be 
    prepared for danger in times 
    of peace Pursue excellence 
    and continuous improvement

Cultural Events

Culture is manifested with products.
With various activities, Jemincare
improves the skills of employees,
and enhances the team’s motivation and communication.