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In 2020, in response to the national call for vigorous development of Chinese medicine and to meet the public's demand for health, the Group repositioned Jinshuibao Pharmaceuticals to create more outstanding products with "Innovation" and "Inheritance" as the core concept, elaborate development as the specific method and better efficacy as the ultimate goal. Jinshuibao Pharmaceuticals has upgraded from a single production of Jin Shui Bao capsules to a strategic brand with multiple product lines. At present, it has multiple product lines such as pharmaceuticals, health care products and health food, with several sub-brands such as Jinshuibao, Huangshi, Jiuhua, Kutong and Yanbao Tang, and many fist products such as Jinshuibao Capsules, Huangshi Xiangsheng Wan, Jinshuibao Jin Capsules, Shuangyi Capsules, Jiuhua Zhichuang Shuan and Liuwei Dihuangdi Wan.

In the future, Jinshuibao Pharmaceuticals will develop and innovate in the field of comprehensive health, and devote itself to the mission of "To Treat People and Benefit the world with Good Medicine", and constantly strive for human health.

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