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The Innovative Technologies Research Institute was established to develop high-end generics and reformulated medicines. Over the years, we have built strong IP portfolio and core technologies that are highly competitive in this field world-wide. Our comprehensive toolkit consists of 7 DSS and API platforms – liposomes, inhalation formulations, polymeric microspheres, emulsions, solid dosage forms, liquid dosage forms, and API synthesis & scale-up. Leveraging these, we strive to develop innovative, differentiated medicines that deliver hope and better life quality to patients.

Innovative Development

  • Cross-platform integration
    (inhalation formulations with liposomes,
    oral delivery with microspheres)
  • Targeted long-acting
  • Compound medicines
    (inhalation formulation,
    liposomes, microspheres)
  • Combination of medicines
    with medical devices
  • Differentiated application
    of novel dosage forms

Exploration of Cutting-edge Technologies

Ongoing Projects

Pipeline SN Product Number Product Introduction
JMG-2003 is a generic drug designed for anemia of chronic kidney disease (CKD). It is a first-in-class inhibitor against hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl-hydroxylase, and is covered by national medical insurance system. It’s well-tolerated and indicated for both dialysis and non-dialysis CKD patients with anemia, without intravenous iron supplementation.
JM041 is a traditional Chinese medicine for the lack of vital energy and blood associate with iron-deficiency anemia. Jemincare Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd (Yichun Pharmaceutical) is the only supplier of this product. Its key active ingredient is porcine blood extract (containing porcine heme), which is easily absorbed and utilized by human body for the relief of anemia. This product has large market potential, as it could be used for anemia in women and children, as well as anemia related to cancer, kidney diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. It can also be used in combination with iron sucrose injection.
Oncology 3
JM016 is a liposome drug developed for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma and multiple myeloma. The state-of-art liposome production platform was optimized with development of this product. This highly automated process incorporated quality by design (QbD) concept and significantly improved the quality and productivity. The ANDA of this candidate has been accepted and is expected to get approval by the end of 2022. The predicted market size in China is more than 4 billion RMB.
JMX-2002 is a reformulated drug with proprietary liposome technology. It’s highly effective against non-small cell lung cancer, prostate cancer, and liver cancer. Liposome formulation enables sustained release, tumor targeting, and reduced side effects. This candidate is Jemincare’s first innovative liposome drug and is highly competitive which secures high return upon approval.
JM045 is a reformulated drug product (505b2) developed for prostate cancer, precocious puberty, endometriosis (stage I to IV), female infertility, and preoperative treatment of uterine fibroids. The parent drug is modified into a polymeric microsphere formulation, thereby showing stable and sustained drug release. Its long-acting therapeutic effect and excellent safety profile not only fulfills the unmet medical needs, but also improves the convenience and compliance for patients.
JMX-2006 is a reformulated drug product (505b2) developed for prostate cancer, breast cancer, and endometriosis. Our novel microsphere formulation enables sustained drug release and avoids clinical risks commonly seen with injectable implants on the market. With great therapeutic value, high patient compliance, and minimal competition, this candidate has a huge market potential.
Cardiovascular Diseases 7
JMX-2005 is a reformulated drug (505b2) developed for peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD). The liposome technology enables sustained release, and daily self-injection by patients provides convenience. Overall, this candidate improves therapeutic outcome and patient compliance, and is expected to receive high market share and profit.
Respiratory Diseases 8
JMX-2007 is a reformulated drug to treat bronchiectasis associated with Haemophilus influenzae infection. It could be easily inhaled with a vibrating mesh nebulizer, which is easy-to-carry and highly convenient. Additionally, the digitalization potential in clinical practice could significantly improve the therapeutic outcome by monitoring patient compliance (such as history of treatment and remote monitoring by doctors).
JMX-2101 is a novel reformulated product for bronchiectasis in the form of liposomal antibiotic for inhalation. It has the potential to become the first inhaled antibiotic drug and benefits 10-20 million bronchiectasis patients in China. It is particularly effective against Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection. The combination of liposome technology with inhalation formulation allows convenient administration and potentially high compliance in clinical practice.
Pain 10
JMX-2003 is a reformulated drug developed for knee pain associated with osteoarthritis. Formulated as microspheres, it enables sustained release and therefore less frequent administration and improved patient compliance. Since it is in situ administered, unfavorable distribution to off-target organs and associated side effects are effectively limited. At the same time, the risk of elevated blood glucose level in hyperglycemic patients can be avoided. This is by far the first generic candidate in this class and a huge market potential is expected upon approval.
JM023 is a reformulated drug (505b2) developed for post-operative regional analgesia, particularly for inter-muscular brachial plexus brachial plexus block. The state-of-art microsphere production process and proprietary instruments significantly advanced this program. The microsphere formulation enables sustained release and therefore less frequent administration and improved patient compliance. The technological barrier and favorable therapeutic outcome secure high returns upon approval.
JMX-2102 is a reformulated, compound drug developed to treat moderate to severe post-operative pain. Leveraging our proprietary microsphere platform, it is developed as the next generation product of JM023 in combination with another molecule. This candidate shows stronger anesthetic effect, longer duration of action and clearer distinction of sensory and motor blockade. As a potential first compound microsphere formulated product, it is highly competitive and has promising market potential.

R & D Team

More than 60% employees
with MS and PhD degrees

The Innovative Technologies Research Institute is led by seasoned leadership team with more than 20 years scientific and management experiences from leading pharmaceutical companies around the world. Currently, the institute has about 200 scientists and more than 60% of them hold MS and PhD degrees.

Seven Platforms

  • Liposome Platform

    Compound liposome technology
    Weak base/acid drug liposome system
    Modified targeted liposomes
    Liposome-device integration and other technologies

  • Innovative Inhalation Formulation Platform

    Dry powder inhalers
    Metered dose inhaler
    Nasal spray
    Other mucosal drug delivery formulations

  • Long-Acting Microsphere Platform

    Top Talents + Proprietary Instrument + Leading Projects

    Single emulsion platform
    Complex emulsion platform
    Phase separation platform
    Suspension technology
    Long-acting gels

  • Innovative Traditional Chinese Medicine Platform

    Focused TCM development: categories 1.1 and 1.2
    Expanded TCM pipelines: nephropathy, respiratory diseases, pain, and cardiovascular diseases
    Developing next-generation TCM products: identification of active components, development of novel TCM entities, IND filing, clinical developemnt, NDA filing
    Advancing TCM series: reproduction of traditional products, optimization of process development, improvement of quality, exploration of clinical value

  • Specialty API Platform

    API manufacturing (formulation platforms / API registration): liposomes, inhalation formulations, microspheres, solid dosage forms, liquid dosage forms
    Developing novel chemical technologies and green processes: chiral syntheses and telescoping syntheses, high performance membrane and resin separation, impurities separation and syntheses, quality control, polymorph study
    Product supporting: marketed and license-in products of Jemincare Group

  • High-end Oral Solid Dosage Platform

    Immediate release formulations (rapid onset of action)
    Solubility-improving technologies for insoluble molecules
    Sustained release formulations (daily administration)
    Multi-unit formulation for extended and controlled release

  • High-end Liquid Preparation platform

    High-end oral liquid preparations: oral emulsion, oral suspension, oral phospholipid dispersion, and enteral nutrition emulsion
    Special injectables: lipid injectable emulsions, plasma substitute, injectable suspension