Committed to Becoming an Internationally Advanced
Industry Group Focusing on Modern Comprehensive Health

Internationalization of business
Internationalization of talents
Internationalization of capital
Core technologies reach
middle to upper international level
Enjoy core competitiveness
Modernization of management
Modernization of mode
Modernization of mechanism

Strategic Guiding Ideology

  • Return to the origin

    The enterprise returns to value, the product returns to market, the talent returns to professionalism, and the management returns to lightness and efficiency.

  • Craftsmanship

    Dedicated professionalism, professional knowledge and skills for continuous breakthrough and innovation

  • Precision cultivation

    Lean production, specialized marketing
    differentiated R&D, and ecotypic management

  • Collaborative future

    Synergy and efficiency, shared results and win-win future

Talent Management

We have always regarded talents as the core element for strategy implementation and business development, and have made every effort to create a corporate culture and working environment that attracts talents, helps them develop, and gives them respect. We have placed talents in the forefront of the Group's development strategy, and have taken "People, Organization, and Mechanism" as the grip to realize the transformation from human resources to human capital.

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